Bridgit Mendler meets MP!

Last Friday MP!’s Luke Franks met up with Bridgit Mendler in a swanky London hotel to ask her some hard-hitting questions. They had a good old girly chat about hair and Bridgit’s facial skincare system. There were laughs, there were tears, there were discussions about Nandos (OK, there were no tears)…

MP! Hi Bridigit Mendler, welcome to London. It’s quite good isn’t it, like the complete opposite of California.

B. It’s so good to be here, I really like dreary weather.

MP! What have you been doing since you’ve been here?

B. I went to dinner last night and had some fish and chips. I love putting the lemon on the fish, making it nice, some tartar sauce and the chips as you guys call them.

MP!  Have you been to Nandos yet?

B. OMG! My friend takes me there every time I come, so good. That was the first time I tried the halloumi cheese.

MP! Eating is great. Also, I’ve listened to your new album and it’s good, REALLY good. It sounds really fun album to make. The single [out now] ‘Ready Or Not’.

MP! BIG tune and probably the best lyric in a song of all time… “I like your face, do you like my song?” Has anyone used that as a chat up line on you yet?

B. Someone has but that’s great, it means they know my song, way to go!

MP! I was watching the video for ‘Ready Or Not’ and you’re on a scavenger hunt with a bucket list of things to tick off on your adventure. But I noticed a couple of things on the list that I don’t think you did.

1) Everyone on the team to get cornrows. Did you get cornrows?

B. No! I don’t think anyone on the final team did. I’m not going to put that off my list, I think at somepoint in my life I could get cornrows.

MP!   2) One person on the team to get their name shaved in the back of their head. Would you go for that?

B. I’d shave it in to the back of someone else’s head, would you be up for that?

MP! Yep do that after this.

(Whilst Luke has proudly gone and got ‘BRIDGIT’ shaved into the back of his head, as have all the MP! team, there’s still no word from Bridgit or her ‘team’ as to whether or not she has corn-rows yet. Don’t let us down Bridge!)

MP! I was looking at your twitter early, a bit of casual stalking, there was a few tweets I was just interested in…
“How excited I am about my new face wash #waytooexcited”

B. (Laughs)Here’s the thing I’d just been sent tonnes of amazing products.

MP! Are we talking cucumbers on the eyes?

B. You don’t need to, the face wash is that good. So first there’s the pre-cleanse to get rid of all the makeup, then the face wash, then the spray, then the moisturiser, or if you feel like it you can also put on the overnight gel…And then sometimes you can put on the eye cream to keep things looking fresh, maybe there was a primer as well.

MP! That’s a night in is it that?

B. I’ve actually turned it into a really good system


B. This is what I do. I brush my teeth, after that I wash my face, put on the spray, after that I floss, whilst the sprays setting in, I moisturize, then I’m done.

MP! Cheers.

So there we have it ladies and gents. Great banter from Bridgit and we got to sample the no doubt soon-to-be patented Bridgit Mendler facial skincare application systems. That is literally going to save us hours each morning. Thanks Bridgit!

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