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BREAKING: McDonalds are adding this item to their menu and it’s a complete game changer

You won’t believe what it is!

C’mon, let’s face it, Maccy D’s *TOP SECRET* menu is far from a secret. Plenty of us have tried their ‘exclusive’ sides (if you haven’t, where have you even been?!).

The baked fries? YUM. The McDaddy burger? Totes delish. The Apple Pie McFlurry? OMG… YAS! Gimme, gimme!

Recently, though, the internet has posted about a brand new secret menu item and tbh, we reckon’ it might even be the greatest (and most secret!) of them all.

So what is it? Could it be some sort of cheesy fries? We’d love to see that on the menu. A super-exclusive Monster Big Mac? We’d be down.

NOPE… it’s something even better!


It’s PIZZA! Or McPizza – if we’re being exact.

It’s true guys, you can now order pizza at McDonalds!

The secret item has quite a historical tale surrounding it, too. According to food blog, Eater, the fast-food joint first started serving pizza in its stores from 1980s until the late ’90s.

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So, where did it go? Well, apparently the company removed it from many stores because it takes 11-minute to cook and goes against the idea of “fast food”. Soz but we’d soooooo wait 11-minutes for pizza… IT’S PIZZA!

There is good news though. Luckily, you can still order it in two remaining U.S. locations – Pomeroy in Ohio, and Spencer in West Virginia.

Obvs this does all mean that you can only order McPizza in the U.S, which isn’t great for us UK beans. But if you ever find yourself in Pomeroy or Spencer, you should go and check it out.

Heaps of people have travelled miles for the dish and if their Instagram shots are anything to go by, it’s drool-worthy.

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Sooooooo goooooooooooooood.

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The idea of pizza being served in McDonalds has got us thinking… Do you reckon they’ll be selling burgers in Dominos next? KFC in Burger King? Shakeaway in Pizza Hut?! We sorta hope so!

Would you eat McPizza? Let us know by voting below.

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