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BREAKING: J K Rowling just revealed the title of her new book and it’s what we’ve ALL been waiting for

Yas queen!

We all sit and wait for the day that we’re casually scrolling our Twitter feed and then BAM! J. K. Rowling announces a new book. It’s the kind of day that is the father of heavy breathing and much fangirl sweat.

Today, friends, is one of those days.

And no, she was NOT joking…

And sure enough, it didn’t take long to figure it out. HOWEVER! There were some real crackers along the way and really… Why isn’t she using them instead?

If you can’t complete these shady Harry Potter quotes then do you even Slytherin?

QUIZ: Can you tell the difference between these lines from Riverdale and Harry Potter?

Because HELLO! ‘Eighth Child’ sounds beautifully close to ‘Cursed Child’ and we are down with that fangwagon. Make it happen, Jo.

Lol. ‘Python Shame’. The long lost biography of this guy:

We’d read it too.

‘Cashew Chase’… that one nightmare everyone with peanut allergies has lived through.


So do we, J K, so do we.

And then there’s this…

…whoa, Nelly! Is that the NSFW Dramione story we’ve all been waiting for?

But of course because the internet can be very clever sometimes (sometimes, ok? It’s all cat gifs and YouTube. Even though that IS a perfect world). Someone got it:

‘Lethal White’ will be the book’s title. Even if you’re not a fan of that series, which of these titles would you have preferred?

Tell us in the comments below!

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