BREAKING: Camila has had her say on leaving Fifth Harmony and now we feel more sad than ever

What a crazy Monday it’s been… To say we were shocked about Camila Cabello‘s decision to leave Fifth Harmony is an understatement. We’ve known the 5H girls want to do their own solo music for a while now, and it’s totally awesome but we didn’t really expect anyone to actually leave. Someone say this is all a dream? We’re still convinced we’re going to wake up soon and everything will be fine again.

Fifth Harmony released their statement via Twitter to break the news. Read the post below to find out what they said.

Fifth Harmony also unfollowed Camila’s Twitter account just hours after tweeting their original statement. Camila then posted her own version of events and it’s just made us feel even more sad.

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The new Fifth Harmony member is not what we expected…


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Apparently they were aware she was considering leaving for a while and that she was shocked by their statement.

We’re really not sure what’s going on, but we just really hope the girls are alright. This must be such a hard time for them, particularly after such a crazy year. It’s really unfortunate that some bands don’t stay in their original form, but it is actually quite common. Obvs, the 1D boys are the best example. We love One Direction, but we also still love Zayn too. We’ll love Fifth Harmony, but we’re also going to love Camila’s solo career – because let’s face it, it’s going to be amazing. Bring on 2017!

What do you think about Camila’s statement? Let us know your thoughts below!

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