10 ways to get over a break up with advice from Taylor Swift, Little Mix and Zayn

Beyonce‘s ‘Lemonade’ is the long, cool glass of refreshing goodness we were all waiting for, but has anyone noticed that she’s kinda gone on the rampage against her hubby Jay Z. I mean, we’re just interpreting here and nothing has been explicitly said, but still, how else are you supposed to take this line?

‘If you try this sh*t again / You gon’ lose your wife’.


Sadly, for our beloved pop stars this isn’t the first time they’ve had heartbreak on their minds. Check out how your favourite singers reacted to break ups and you might be surprised by their very different approaches to a broken heart.

1) Get all sassy

Like Taylor Swift in ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’

Maybe not the most mature, but definitely one of the most satisfying reactions to a breakup is getting all sassy . You’re sick and tired of being messed around and you’ve literally had enough so you end it right to their faces in the most dramatic way possible. There’s no coming back from this one… LIKE, EVER!

2) Cry your eyes out

Like Miley Cyrus in ‘Wrecking Ball’

It’s OK to cry. Let out the emotions and then pick yourself up and come back stronger. (Wrecking ball optional)

3) Get moral support from your friends

Like Little Mix in ‘Hair’

Your friends are there for you when you need them so don’t be afraid to lean on them a little. All good Mixers know that a pizza party is the best way to get over a no-good, cheating boyfriend. This is definitely the most fun break up remedy of them all.

4) Get angry and hulk out 

Like Ed Sheeran from ‘Don’t’

When you’ve been royally screwed over sometimes you have no other option that to freak out at the no good SOB. No-one saw it coming when the normally mild-mannered Ed Sheeran went savage on this brutal diss track. In the words of Taylor Swift, I hope Ed will never get that mad at me (Be afraid, Ellie. Be afraid).

5) Switch it up

Like Katy Perry in ‘Part of Me’

Make a change. You don’t have to join the army like Katy did in the ‘Part of Me’ video, but a change of scenery will definitely do you the world of good. Try something new and break routine to get your ex off your mind.

6) Remember to love yourself

Like P!nk – ‘So What’

She may have lost her husband temporarily, but P!nk never lost her self love. She never forgot that she was still a rockstar.

7) Get flashy

Like Zayn in ‘Like I Would’

Gently remind your ex how much you FREAKIN’ ROCK. If you kinda want them back, no need to beg. Just show them no-one can love them as good as you can.  That’ll have them majorly regretting.

8) Ice ’em out

Like La Roux in ‘Bulletproof’

Show no weakness. La Roux rocks the cold, emotionless ice queen look which will have your ex begging for a sign. Any sign that you miss them. GIVE THEM NOTHING.

9) Live it up

Like Zara Larsson in ‘Lush Life’

You don’t want to spend another minute thinking about your ex so go out and find yourself another crush. The lush life will definitely give you a rush.

10) EAT!

Like Jess Glynne & Emeli Sande in ‘Saddest Vanilla’

Eat all those feelings away. Ice cream is definitely a good one. Maybe try and avoid the ‘sad vanilla’ flavour. We hear chocolate chip is the best remedy for a broken heart. With chocolate sauce. And a Flake.


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Written by David Farrell

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