Bradley Simpson is 21 today! Time to celebrate him being cute AF

It’s actually happened. Baby Brad from The Vamps has turned the big 21. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It only feels like yesterday he looked like this.


In celebration of his beautiful face and birthday, we’ve put together some of our fave Brad GIFs that’ll give you toothache because his face is so sweet. Prepare yourself for indulgence.

1) We wish we were that cake.


2) That is one sexy chin.
3) No one has ever made that Snapchat filter look so good.tumblr_o7h6wq17N51qcprf2o1_250
4) 10/10 cuteness.tumblr_o8v3wqRGhN1qcprf2o2_400
5) Get ready for a compilation of his beautiful smile.


6) SO PRETTY.brad-gif
7) Where can we buy our own Brad pls?tumblr_msd6rlQFLx1sffa98o1_500
8) Look at that smile!large

Happy birthday buddy, we love you!

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