We went bowling with Neon Jungle on the weekend: 5 Things you need to know

Often daydream about hanging out with pop stars? A mani-pedi with Taylor Swift, mall strolling with Ariana Grande, a dinner date with your favourite member of One Direction. Life would be pretty sweet right? Well for a lucky bunch of Neon Jungle fans, they had the opportunity to live out their dream on the weekend over a game of bowling with the girls. We were there to get all the goss, here’s 5 things you NEED to know.

1) “I bowled so hard I’ve made my finger bleed!” NJ’s Jess had an interesting bowling technique, which we can only describe as a half-lunge-half-ballerina style move, resulting in a slight mishap with a bowling ball. Despite making her finger bleed, Jess was a pro and got lots of strikes.

2) The girls had definitely shown off their competitive sides with Amira joking “Winning is too mainstream for us!” Good save Amira. Amira was also sporting a super cute bowler hat (which we had to resist the urge to steal on several occasions) … a bowler hat. We see what you did there Amira.

3) Shereen clearly wins most creative name with her team. Everyone behold Team ‘Sherrmmonfran’.


4) On the other hand, Asami’s team was named ‘Team Failure’ who actually ended up winning a game. Guess they weren’t too bad after all.

5) The lovely NJ girls spent loads of time hanging out and taking selfies with everyone. They even practised their Liverpool accent with some fans who had travelled to London to see the girls. They finished off the afternoon with a good old team talk, shouting “Buy Braveheart at midnight!”.

Thanks for hanging out with us girls! Don’t forget, Neon Jungle’s brand new (and awesome) single ‘Braveheart’ is available for download now.

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