MP! Reviews: We tried Bourjois La Laque Gel Nail Polish – and we think you’ll love it

Just in time for summer, Bourjois Paris have launched a gorgeous new nail polish line, La Laque Gel – a highly pigmented, full coverage range in a variety of shades, complete with an ultra-precise brush which adapts to your nail shape for easy application.

As festival season approaches, we’re every bit excited for getting summer-ready with Bourjois. So can we wait to try it? NO! Let’s dive straight in.

la laque

The first thing to note is the range is the colours – full of tropical pinks to elegant nudes, there’s a style to suit any skin tone and any summer occasion. We tried Orange Outrant (a radiant and eye-catching tangerine) Flambant Rose, (a flashy hot pink), Fuchia Bella (a vibrant barbie-pink colour) and Are You Reddy (a tantalising blood red – ideal for a night out) topped with Le Top Coat to begin.

They really did go on like a breeze – my nails are not what you’d call ‘talons’. In fact they’re really not that long or cool at all. But the La Laque Gel didn’t make them look stumpy and short, and emphasise my flaws; they just seemed to work around the nail for easy
application, which was brilliant – a big thumbs up so far.

I also should add, I am quite a fiddler when it comes to my nails. Surprise surprise, usually a chemist’s nail varnish doesn’t seem to last long when I’m typing all day, dancing all night and cuddling my kitten in-between. But did La Laque Gel last? BOY, DID IT.

Bourjois say it can last up to 15 days – and lasting is definitely La Laque Gel’s forte. Not once did I look down at my nails and see a pesky chip looking back at me. It simply lasted and lasted, and I think the top layer coat had something to do with it – it strengthened, brought out the colour and gave such an incredible shine. It can only be compared to having gel nails done at a salon – and the compliments I got deffo emphasised that.

pierre (2)

Even after cuddling my kitten.


  • Look: 9
  • Feel: 9
  • Easy to use: 10
  • Total: 28/30
  • Final verdict:  We didn’t expect to fall in love with a product as much as this, but La Laque Gel is just la heaven. Glides on with ease, a gorgeous colour range and feels as though you’ve just gone to a salon. Unreal and ideal for anyone.

You can grab Bourjois La Laque Gel right here for just £6.99 each.

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