10 things you need to know about Børns: T-Swizzle is tweeting about him, soon you will be too

So the mighty One Republic and the unstoppable Taylor Swift have both found themselves a new favourite popstar. Are you listening? We thought so. His name is Børns (although it’s not really of course, keep reading to find out his real name) and here are ten things that you need to know about him…

1. Børns was brought up in Michigan, US – although the ‘ø’ in his name fools you into initially thinking he’s from Denmark or somewhere else in North Europe. Other famous musicians from Michigan include Eminem, Big Sean, Madonna and good old Sippie Wallace (us neither).

2. He is described as having a “dreamy blend of folk, glam and electro rock.” That’s either going to be really good or really, REALLY bad, isn’t it?

3. Good news, guys. It’s really good! Available below for your listening pleasure is Børns’ debut single, the wondeful ‘10,000 Emerald Pools’.


It’s great, isn’t it?


4. So you love ‘10,000 Emerald Pools’ and you want even more music, but where do you find it? Luckily, the lovely Børns has an EP out and it sounds very tasty. It’s called ‘Candy’ and also features the tracks ‘Electric Love’, ‘Past Lives’ and ‘Seeing Stars’.

5. Taylor Swift loves the track ‘Electric Love’.

We weren’t lying.

6. One Republic have been tweeting about ‘Electric Love’ too!

Still not lying, peeps.

7. Børns is Børns’ real name! Kind of… His actual name is Garrett Borns. So all he’s done is get rid of Garret and put a nice dash through the ‘o’ in his last name. Yes, to make you think he’s from North Europe.


8. Garrett Børns has been performing for “a good amount of time.” He says “I guess I’ve always been writing and singing songs.” We don’t think he means literally always but you get the gist.

9. Børns is signed to Interscope Records, which is a pretty big deal. He joins the likes of Lana Del Rey, Maroon 5 and our very own Ellie Goulding amongst many others at the record label.

10. He’s coming to the UK very soon. If you’re liking the sound of Børns then you’re in luck as he will be visiting our wonderful country in just under two weeks’ time. He’ll be performing at Notting Hill Arts Club on February 4 and will also be putting on a free – yes, FREE – gig alongside Kate Miller, Black Honey and Seazoo at London’s The Social on Feb 10.

And there you have it, 10 things you didn’t know about Børns. Now jump on that tweeting bandwagon. Who knows, Taylor Swift might even give you a cheeky RT.

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