⬆️Bops and Flops⬇️: From this Drake situation getting a bit silly to a new entry from Calvin and Dizzee

Did you know that the first ever chart in the world was the UK chart, which was started in 1952?


Since then, the chart phenomenon has spread across the world, with there being airplay, downloads and streaming charts, as well as the iTunes or Spotify charts. At this very moment in time, Little Mix’s ‘Black Magic’ is number 67 in Burkina Faso in West Africa.

Meanwhile, over here in the UK, we have a brand new chart. As ever, here are some good things and some bad things on this week’s chart.


?? Drake’s still at Number 1, and ‘Too Good’ has climbed into the Top 3. Back in 2006, Gnarls Barkley took ‘Crazy’ off sale so that people wouldn’t get sick of it. Maybe Drake should do the same before it’s Number 1 until the end of time.

?? Adele’s ‘Send My Love (To Your New Lover)’ has jumped to six. We’d quite like an Adele album that sounds like it.

?? After the frustrating ‘Dangerous Woman’ chart run, ‘Into You’ rises again this week to 22. If this doesn’t go top 20, the charts might just be broken.

?? Dizzee Rascal and Calvin Harris are back together and have jumped straight into the charts at 34. Fun fact Dizzee and Calvin collab fans: ‘Holiday’ was meant for The Saturdays.

?? There might not be much of a battle at the top of the chart, but there’s one brewing further down the chart. Yep, it’s M.O vs Mø. Not only do they have the very similar names, but they both have new singles in the Top 100. Round One goes to Mø, whose new single ‘Final Song’ enters at 78. M.O’s ‘Who Do You Think Of’ debuts at 89.


?? Despite a promising start last week, Sigala, John Newman and Nile Rodgers slip out of the Top 10 to 17.

?? For the first time since March 2015, there isn’t a single Justin Bieber song in the Top 40. We sure that’ll change next month when he’s here for V Festival.

?? In the most frustrating spot this week is ‘Needed Me’ by Rihanna, which is at 41. Let’s hope it doesn’t peak here.

?? Beyoncé’s ‘Hold Up’ slips to a new low of 64 this week. However, that’ll climb next week due to the single most important event that has completely re-shaped British society: ‘The Formation World Tour’.

?? And despite making the most attention-grabbing music video of recent times, Kanye West’s ‘Famous’ has only re-entered at 86.

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