6 boyband books that will get your heart beating faster than One Direction

You’ll want to read these books immediately

The day has finally come and Directioners everywhere can rejoice. No, the boys aren’t back together – at least not yet anyway. But, we have got something that is just as good.

It was only a matter of time before we rounded up a whole bunch of boyband lit and music-themed books that will get your heart racing quicker than Harry Styles and these 6 reads will do the job nicely.

We know what you’re thinking. It’s impossible, right? Could one of these 300-page reads really compare to the the majestic existence of Mr Styles? After all, a paperback doesn’t (quite) have a mop of hair as delightful as his or an ability to rock a suit that somewhat resembles a Wetherspoons carpet but still looks good.

Well, wrong. Boyband lit is a Directioner’s dream come true. In fact, if you’re just a music fan in general you’ll love it.

Not only do these reads provide hours of entertainment and allow you to live out the fantasy of snogging the face off a fictional Harry Styles, but they’re also discussing some super important issues within music.

Books like ‘My Secret Rockstar Boyfriend’ by Eleanor Wood and ‘Kill the Boy Band’ by Goldy Moldavsky work towards destigmatizing the term fangirl. Whilst, ‘This Beats Perfect’ by Rebecca Denton subtly addresses the sexism that goes alongside being a female music lover.

Fangirls aren’t just an accessory to their favourite artists. This isn’t the 1980s, which is probably a good thing because Harry’s hair is about 58493 times better than the guys in Steel Panther!

Nope, it’s 2017 and you guys are the future of music, you shape the music industry in more ways than you know and ultimately have a lot more power than people give you credit for.

So without further ado, here’s 6 boyband/music-themed reads that you need to delve into this summer.

1. ‘Songs About A Girl’ (Book 1) by Chris Russell

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The ‘Songs About A Girl’ trilogy by Chris Russell follows the life of Charlie Bloom. She’s plucked from her seemingly normal life and thrown into the spotlight photographing the world’s biggest boyband, Fire&Lights.

Think of them as One Direction meets 5 Seconds Of Summer – Olly’s your typically boy-next-door, Irish lad Aiden is shy and thoughtful and Yuki is the band’s prankster and first-class clown.

There’s also the mysterious (and unbelievably hot) Gabe, who Charlie finds herself drawn too.

But, things take a strange turn when she find’s out a shocking secret that’s hidden in Gabe’s lyrics. It doesn’t help that Gabe and Olly are also fighting over her. Why can’t things be simple, eh?



2. ‘My Secret Rockstar Boyfriend’ by Eleanor Wood

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As far as surreal moments go, 18-year-old Tuesday Cooper’s life is thrown upside down when her rockstar crush, Jackson Griffith, stumbles across her blog. That’s right, imagine Harry Styles finding your Tumblr account. Yikes.

Thankfully, Tuesday’s blog is the coolest thing on the planet. She’s witty, smart and has dreams of becoming a music journalist.  She also knows heaps and heaps about all kinds of music including Nirvana, Bikini Kill and Sonic Youth.

When Jackson starts leaving comments, Tuesday goes from sitting in-front of her desk, studying and writing blog posts to being at the pyramid stage at Glastonbury. How cool is that?

‘My Secret Rockstar Boyfriend’ is THE perfect read if you’re a festival junkie and Eleanor Wood‘s writing is brilliant.


Tuesday Cooper’s music blog is the best thing on earth and it will 100% encourage you to start one.

3. ‘Love Song’ by Sophia Bennett

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When Nina get’ a job as an assistant to a famous rockstar’s fiancée, it’s far from the dream she was expecting. The fiancée is a complete diva – the term high-maintenance doesn’t even cover it.

Despite all the crazy antics, there’s only one thing Nina has one thing on her mind; don’t fall for anyone in the band. That’s hard when The Point are so swoon-worthy we wish they were actually real. *SIGHS* Least, we have 1D, right?

Sophia Bennett‘s read will remind you of films like ‘Almost Famous’ and Nina is one of the best protagonists out there. We’re crushing hard over here.


It won the RNA Romantic Novel Of The Year Award 2017. In other words it’s pretty bloomin’ good.

4. ‘Becoming Betty’ by Eleanor Wood

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‘Becoming Betty’ is another fantastic music-themed book by Eleanor Wood. The book follows Lizzie Brown join a band. Pretty simple, right? Wrong.

Lizzie can’t play a single note so when the wild Viv asks her to be her new bass player, she finds herself in a bit of a pickle. Things go from bad to worse when Lizzie also develop feelings for the band’s guitarist a.k.a Viv’s boyfriend. AWKS.

All-in-all ‘Becoming Betty’ is a brilliant coming of age story about friendships and the way they change. Although it’s not about boybands, we all know that girls do it better, right? Joan, Kathleen and Kim taught us that.


Learn more about feminism and one of the most powerful and important music genres out there – riot grrrl.

5. ‘This Beats Perfect’ by Rebecca Denton

Speaking of riot grrrl, Amelie from ‘The Beats Perfect’ by Rebecca Denton is giving us major girls-rule vibes.

WhenAmelie finds herself backstage at The Keep’s gig, the band’s fans go into a frenzy. She’s woken up to a million new followers on Twitter and #Who’sThatGirl? is trending. It doesn’t help that the band’s lead singer Maxx has taken a liking to her, as well.

Of course, attention is the last thing on Amelie’s mind. All she wants to do is play music – the only issue being her tremendous stage fright.


Amelie is amazing and you’ll hands-down wanna be best mates with her after reading it.

6. ‘Kill The Boy Band’ by Goldy Moldavsky

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If you’re after a boyband book that will leave you in stitches then you can’t go wrong with ‘Kill The Boyband’ by Goldy Moldavsky. The book focuses on four friends, Erin, Isabel, Apple and Lydia and their trip to see one of the most popular bands ever, The Ruperts.

It’s almost impossible to talk about this book without giving away spoilers. But we WILL tell you that there’s a murder, heaps of sadistic jokes and plenty of fangirling.

It’s changing the negative imagery that surrounds fangirling and probs one of the best reads out there. These girls aren’t crazy – far from it, actually.


You won’t read another book like it.

Have you got any boyband lit or music themed book recommendations? Let us know by commenting below.

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