You’ll be screaming “I do” after checking out these 5 crazy bookish weddings

When you love books as much as we do, it seems only natural we’d want to incorporate our fave series into our big day. From cake designs to book bouquets, we’ve put together five bookish weddings that will seriously make you wish you were getting married right now.

1. The ‘Harry Potter’ wedding

kellyclarke photography 2

This Potter-fied cake looks insanely delicious. We want to dig in, but wouldn’t want to ruin such a pretty thing!

kellyclarke photography 1

And, of course, the bride accessorised with matching Slytherin and Gryffindor heels. Because why not? She even had a bouquet made out of pages from the books!

2. Is this ‘Hunger Games’ themed wedding real or not real?

Sadly, not real, but we couldn’t resist including this concept piece because the photos from the shoot are so cute! Check out all the little details they got down – like Peeta’s bread and Katniss’s pearl.

We’re going to die of cuteness overload!

The wedding has such an adorable rustic vibe and the Hunger Games-inspired theme is pretty subtle that you might not even realise it’s anything but an ordinary wedding. That is until… BAM! The bridge gets out her bow and arrow. Please can we be her.

meghan christine photography 3

3. We’re mad as a hatter for this ‘Alice In Wonderland’ wedding

alyce and colette photography 2

Look at the umbrellas. And the Groom’s outfit. Need anything more be said about this gorgeous, whimsical Alice-inspired wedding. The mad hatter vibes from this photo are REAL. You wouldn’t think it would work but it really does.

Want to sit down at the reception, though? First you’ll have to find your seat with this magnifying glass! These extra added touches really make a wedding something special – especially when they’re so bookish. We love it!

alyce and colette photography 1

4. Bringing books down the aisle

If we could marry books we totally would, so it only makes sense to incorporate them into our wedding. This vintage library card set up is ADORABLE.

And the invites are even cuter!

anne claire brun 2

If we were getting married right now, we’d totally be swayed to include these in our big day.

5. We will forever love these ‘Harry Potter’ weddings. Always.

steve lee photography 2

We really can’t get enough of those bringing Rowling to the wedding aisle, which is why we had to sneak another one in right at the end. Check out this bride and groom, who had an actual real life owl deliver their rings. WHAT?!

Let’s hope he was well trained, because this is one aisle that can definitely not be easily cleaned up. It almost pains us to imagine trampling over sacred pages of the HP series but it’s just SO beautiful.

steve lee photography 1

Which of these wedding days is your fave? Let us know @maximumpopbooks and chat to us about any great bookish ideas you have for your own big day!

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