This person has Voldemort tattooed WHERE?! You won’t believe these extreme bookish tattoos

If there’s one thing to solidify your love for a book, it’s getting a lasting reminder of it tattooed on your body forever. You have to be truly dedicated to get any kind of tattoo but the extreme ones these lit lovers went for take the hat.

1. This ‘Twilight’ fan went above and beyond

This fan is so in love with the ‘Twilight’ series that she’s using her entire body to pay homage to it. She’s got a lot of ‘Twilight’ inspired art on her skin, but the pinnacle point has to be the portrait of R-Patz, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Launter on her back.

twilight tattoo

Wow, that sure is 100% dedication. And apparently she’s got a long way to go until she’s fully covered!

2. Never get lost in Middle Earth again

If Twilight isn’t quite your flavour, how about a map of Middle Earth. If you’re inked up like these guys are we’re sure it won’t take you half as long to drop a ring off at Mordor as it did Frodo.

3. Show off your TBR

Let everyone know what you’re reading by carrying around a nifty visual on your arm! Fill in the spines with biro and you’re good to go.

stacks of books

It’s probably a great way to make bookish friends too. They see you on the train, or walking, or browsing the fruit & veg aisle in Tesco and they can go “Oh hey! I like books too” and BAM! Instant friendship accomplished.

4. He decided to recreate the Quirrell-Voldemort sitch

Doesn’t this look eerily familiar to you too? Voldemort. On the back of somebody’s head. Hmm…. *cue Philosopher’s Stone flashbacks*

We can’t believe the utter pain this guy must’ve been in getting Voldy inked on his head, so you sure would be pretty hard-pressed to pretend he isn’t utterly dedicated to the ‘Harry Potter’ world.

5. Serious ouch

lumos tattoo[email protected]/4991677768

Great for a secret or hidden tattoo but this must have been seriously high on the ouch scale. Kind of ironic… the spell for light in the darkest inside of your mouth! ‘Harry Potter’ fans always go above and beyond.

What do you think of these five tattoos? Would you ever go so far for your fave book? Let us know @maximumpopbooks

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