12 coffee shops that need to be on every bookworm’s bucket list!

Coffee. Books. Cake. Books. Soup. Books. What more does a person need?

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But finding the PERFECT bookish spot isn’t easy. It’s best to try a few (hundred) out. True? Here’s a list to get you started:

1. The D’espresso, Manhatten. Yes, yes. You’re eyes are not playing tricks on you, that is the legit decor. Perf.


2. The Lovecraft bar, Portland. A whole bar themed around the horror legend that is Lovecraft. Deffo worth a visit.

3. Alice’s Tea Cup, NYC. This is so #goals it makes us ache.

4. Wilde bar & restaurant, Chicago. “Love and gluttony justify everything.” We’re already sold.

5. The Hobbit Cafe, Texas. The one onion ring to rule them all…

6. The Austen Tea Room, Essendon (Australia). A long way to go for what is a quintessential British author and past time. But it’s just so pretty!

7. Shakespeare and Company Cafe, Paris. Yep, the infamous Parisian bookshop now has a cafe too. It’s a must. Seriously.

8. Bad Owl Coffee, Nevada. This magically inspired coffee shop a total dream for the Potterheads amongst us.

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9. Beerwolf Books, Falmouth. Puns ahoy! Not only is this pub being punny, it has a bookshop in the middle of it. True story.


10. Alice in Magical Land, Tokyo. THIS PLACE! Guys. Game over. Japan wins this round… (the website is darn pretty too).

11. Elizabeth Gaskell’s House, Manchester. Why not have a cuppa in this classic author’s home? Can’t get more bookish than that!

12. The Portico Library, Manchester. You can’t actually drink a coffee inside the stacks, but there is an eatery attached to it. So drink in the old book smell, and then drink in a beverage after. Pukka!

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