Which of these evil bookish characters deserves to be locked up FOREVER?

This is dark af but we NEED to know

Shucks! We hate to go dark af on you guys, but one MASSIVE question has been bugging us recently and we NEED answers.

As most of you already know, we’ve been binge reading James Patterson‘s brand new dystopian YA, ‘Crazy House’.

The story follows twins Becca and Cassie Greenfield. Becca has been snatched from her hometown and thrown into a maximum security prison on Death Row.

She’s relying on Cassie to find her, but Becca’s jailers have made a massive mistake that could get them both killed… They took the wrong twin. YIKES.

Plan your prison escape and we’ll tell you which YA character is actually your long lost twin!

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‘Crazy House’ is a truly terrifying read and has got us thinking about prisons. Is there a bookish character that deserves to be locked away forever? Voldemort, perhaps?!

Let us know who YOU think deserves to be locked away forever by voting in the poll below. If we’ve missed someone off, don’t forget to suggest them in the comment section, too!

Thanks for voting! Find out more about ‘Crazy House’ by James Patterson by clicking here.

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