Quiz: Which bookish bae will you be kissing under the mistletoe this year?

December is right around the corner and we’re getting FESTIVE AF prepping ourselves for magical winter kisses under the mistletoe. Or at least we would be if our top baes weren’t fictional characters… damn.

If you could, though, wouldn’t you like to know who it’d be?


Quiz: Which boy should you be kiss under the mistletoe this xmas based on your fave bath bomb?


Quiz: Will you be on the naughty or nice list this year based on your Harry Potter opinions?

Find out who you’ll be kissing under the mistletoe this year right here:

Who did you get? Let us know down in the comments and weep with us about HOW CRUEL it is that they’re fictional. Dammit!

Doesn’t mean you can’t add the real life beaus on Snapchat though for 24/7 heart eyes + feels. You can find Ansel Elgort and Tom Felton right now.

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