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10 times movie adaptations got it so, so wrong

We might love our books, but we sure do love our movies too, and when the two are combined? Perfection. Well, perfection 9 times out of 10… because there’s definitely some movie adaptations out there that got it so, so wrong.

From the entirety of the ‘Percy Jackson’ series to the infamous “Dumbledore asked CALMLY” scene, here are 10 times we almost wished we’d just stayed home and read the book instead.

1. Rushing ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ into one movie, what gives?

This series was a staple part of our childhood, an eclectic melding of steampunk, wack, mystery, and adventure, and we were soooo excited when we heard they were making a film based on Lemony Snicket’s books. The finished product just seemed kind of rushed though, pushing the plots of multiple books into the same movie without a care for pacing.

Oh, how we wish this series had been given the time it needed to flourish. Good news, though! The series is being adapted for a Netflix show, hurray!

2. “Did you put your name into the Goblet of Fire, Harry?” he asked calmly.

CALMLY. CALMLY. The ‘Harry Potter‘ fanbase will never forgive the director for this out-of-character choice. We get that some things have to change when translating a book to a movie, but this line? WHY THIS LINE? It makes no sense.

And speaking of not making sense…

3. What happened to ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’?

Of all the ‘Harry Potter’ films, the sixth one seems to follow the book’s plot as loosely as possible whilst still calling itself an adaptation. Like, seriously? We absolutely ADORE everything ‘Harry Potter’ and we totes still love the ‘Half-Blood Prince’ film, but there’s so many random, completely pointless additions to the script that we can barely keep track.

For instance, why did Bellatrix burn down The Burrow? And okay, even if the producers decided they wanted to include this scene, why was it never mentioned again…. we reckon those repairs would’ve taken some time to get right!

4. Most importantly, what happened to Harry and Ginny?!

We swear we almost started crying when we got THIS first kiss scene between Harry and Ginny. Compared to the fiery, passionate, spur-of-the-moment kiss in front of the entirety of Gryffindor house we get in the books, the movie kiss just seemed to lack… a spark.

5. Peeta Mellark’s lost leg

If you’re unfamiliar with the books (*GASP* shame on you!) then you might not know that Peeta has to have his leg amputated following his injury in the 74th Hunger Games. But did the movies show this?

Nope. It was just casually never mentioned, even though in the books he got a prosthetic, and they probably could’ve done some TFIOS-style CGI to keep Josh Hutcherson in the role.

From a movie making point of view, him keeping two legs was definitely the easiest route to go, but the MP! team knows how much representation matters, and it would be great to have seen an amputee main character in a major Hollywood film.

6. Wait… there were ‘Percy Jackson’ books?

We’re pretty sure, at this point, that the producers of the ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians‘ films definitely did not read the books by Rick Riordan. In fact, we’re fairly certain they didn’t even know they existed. That’s the only logical explanation for the monstrosity of the first film.

Okay, okay, we feel bad. It’s not a monstrosity – and in fact, if you’ve never read the books, we’d bet it’s really enjoyable. But if you have read the books, you know the book and the movie are not one and the same. Not twins. Not even brothers. They’re barely even related at all.

They tried to make amends with the ‘Sea of Monsters’ movies by dying Annabeth’s hair blonder and following the script a teensy bit more but we didn’t buy it. A uber cool film franchise by itself but totally pales compared to Rick Riordan’s masterpiece.

7. “The Box” in ‘Insurgent’

We’re sorry… The Box? What box? When we first watched the sequel to ‘Divergent‘ on the big screen we were mighty confused by The Box and what exactly it was supposed to be. Turns out it was a big ol’ mix of Erudite’s simulations and the Edith Prior video reveal.

We guess we’re okay with this change, but it was pretty odd. We reckon Hollywood just like making things all snazzy and mysterious for added WOW factor. Right?

8. THAT ‘Twilight’ dream sequence

Honestly we’re still confused in epic proportions about WHY ‘Twilight‘ went with the “It’s all just a dream” narrative when it was entirely unnecessary. It gave the movie some HIGH drama and has us on the edge of our seats, but when we found out it was all a lie we felt major betrayed.

It definitely honours the vaguely anticlimatic ending to the ‘Breaking Dawn’ book but still, this was one major change to make and we’re still not sure if we totally like it or not. Seeing Carlisle with his head ripped off was not fun.

9. Sorry, we didn’t mean to come back to ‘Harry Potter’ but WTH was this?

Again, Hollywood is always so EXTRA. We loved the significance of Voldemort falling like a man in the ‘Harry Potter’ finale but him disintegrating into glitter is just plain weird.

Also it’s kinda creepy *shudders*

And whilst we’re reminiscing all things Voldemort and ‘Deathly Hallows’…

10. What gives with the Voldemort hugs?

Not that Voldemort doesn’t look SIRIUSly huggable (see what we did there?) but this scene was plain uncomfortable. And weird. If given the chance, we’d jump at the opp to hug the gorgeous Tom Felton too but…

What are your most loved and least favourite movie adaptation moments? Let us know @maximumpopbooks!

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