Weekly Releases: 23rd-29th May

Get excited! It’s a new week, with fab new releases, and we’re here to give you the low down on what’s not-to-be-missed in the world of YA.

‘The Last Star’ (The 5th Wave #3) by Rick Yancey

We’re here, then we’re gone, and that was true before they came. That’s always been true. The Others didn’t invent death; they just perfected it. Gave death a face to put back in our face, because they knew that was the only way to crush us. It won’t end on any continent or ocean, no mountain or plain, jungle or desert. It will end where it began, where it had been from the beginning, on the battlefield of the last beating human heart.

Master storyteller Rick Yancey invokes triumph, loss, and unrelenting action as the fate of the planet is decided in the conclusion to this epic series.

  • When? Out on Tuesday the 24th!
  • Who? Published by Penguin
  • Find out more

‘Highly Illogical Behaviour’ by John Corey Whaley

Sixteen-year-old Solomon is agoraphobic. He hasn’t left the house in three years, which is fine by him.

Ambitious Lisa desperately wants to get into the second-best psychology program for college (she’s being realistic). But how can she prove she deserves a spot there?

Solomon is the answer.

Determined to “fix” Sol, Lisa thrusts herself into his life, introducing him to her charming boyfriend Clark and confiding her fears in him. Soon, all three teens are far closer than they thought they’d be, and when their facades fall down, their friendships threaten to collapse, as well.

  • When? Out on Thursday the 26th!
  • Who? Published by Faber & Faber
  • Find out more

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And if that isn’t enough to quench your thirst for YA, check out what the rest of 2016 has to offer on our complete list of releases.

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