What YA books would Holly Bourne’s Spinster Club read? Check it out here

In Holly Bourne’s fantastic new book, How Hard Can Love Be?, the second novel in the superbly feminist Spinster Club Series, the narrative follows Amber, as she travels across oceans to America, to see her mother for the first time in two years and work at the summer camp she runs. We figured that, it being the summer holidays (well at least it is in the book, hurry up real world!) the characters might have time to take in a book or two, and we have the best recommendations. Here we have hand-selected the perfect book for each character:

AmyandRogerAmber – Amber Is heading off to America for the first time. She might see some sights, meet some typical Americans, and even get a little bit of that traditional American roadtrip. We thought we’d give her a little taste for what she might be in for and recommend ‘Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour’ by Morgan Matson. This book involves a boy, a girl, and driving across America – we think Amber would find something to relate to in it.

38447Lottie  – It’s hard to recommend Lottie a book because she’s such a clever thing we kind of think she might already have read them all. We thought we’d finally settle upon ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ by Margaret Atwood as it’s just such a feminist classic. Lottie would definitely get so much out of it, she’d consider females as baby-making machines, the stratified society and illicit women’s magazines. We like the idea that it would start her on an Atwood binge and she’d read them all and everywhere reference the feminist icon that Atwood is.

Me-And-Earl-And-The-Dying-Girl-PosterEvie – For Evie we instantly thought of ‘Me, Earl and the Dying Girl’ by Jesse Andrews because, as strange as he can sometimes be, she would definitely identify with the main character, Greg, or at least with his obsession with and love of films. We think she would be fascinated by the different films he chose to remake and in his strange ways. Plus, as this book was actually turned into a film itself Evie could, after reading the book (books first always!) she could then go see the film and compare the adaptation.

We’ve done the Spinster Club for you but here’s a bonus recommendation.

eb5dcf90-99be-42d4-bc2f-6fc73f419b24-1322x2040Kyle  – Kyle is a new character in this trilogy, only introduced in ‘How Hard Can Love Be?’ when Amber meets him in America. We thought we’d recommend him a book too though. And that’s ‘I Am Malala’ by Malala Yousafzai and Patricia McCormick. Kyle loves biographies, he’s actually reading a lot of them throughout this book anyway, but we thought if he could squeeze one more in it would be this one. We think Kyle would be fascinated by Malala’s story, she’s a person who is definitely never ordinary. And on top of that it would give him some excellent topics of conversation to bring up with Amber. We think they would have some good times together talking about the issues she has raised.

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