Book News Roundup: Malorie Blackman, Alfie the Cat and more Potter from Pottermore

Here we roundup the latest bookish news from around the interwebs, bringing you everything from publishing news to Harry Potter. Because there can NEVER be enough Harry Potter in your life, right?

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That’s what we thought.

chasing the starsMalorie Blackman has warned that ‘some people won’t be happy’ with her new book, ‘Chasing the Stars.

Blackman’s standalone will be released in April. Based on the Shakespeare play, Othello, we can’t wait to get our hands on it. But she has been reported to say that people might not be happy with the depiction of sex in it.

She goes on to say “Sexual jealousy is a huge thread in ‘Othello’, so I had to include sex in the book. I don’t think it is gratuitous, I can only be truthful to the story I want to tell.”

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HarperCollins to expand range of Alfie books.

‘Alfie the Doorstep Cat’ by Rachel Wells has been a hit with cat lovers big and small. Heck, it’s been popular with anyone wanting a jolly good story. And now HarperCollins have announced they will be working on new titles for the furball for both kids and adults. Huzzah!

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All four Pottermore pieces by J K Rowling are now live!

We featured the first piece about ‘The History of Magic in North America’ from the 14th – 17th century‘. But now you can read ‘Seventeenth Century and Beyond’, ‘Rappaport’s Law’ and ‘1920s Wizarding America’ over on Pottermore.

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