15 book cover outfits we’d sacrifice a limb for

YA often gets some stick for having lots of dresses on book covers, but we secretly love them. Seriously. Some of the clothes our faves model on the cover? We’d sacrifice a limb for them.


Here are a few of our very favourites.

  1. It’s impossible to have a list of beautiful book cover dresses without Anna Godersen’s ‘The Luxe’ series. And we completely refuse to just pick one of the four.


But we totally want to know which is your favourite. Tweet us!

2. Another series that we can’t bear to pick from is ‘The Selection’ by Kiera Cass. And this series has five beautiful dresses to choose from. We’re thinking that maybe ‘The Selection’ and ‘The Heir’ are our favourites. Maybe…


5. Lauren DeStefano’s ‘Chemical Garden’ trilogy is a dystopia, but there’s something incredibly whimsical and romantic about these dresses.

Chemical Garden series

If living in a dystopian world means we get to look like that then we’re totally up for it.

4. We’ve all totally imagined living in a steampunk version of Victorian England and getting to wear flouncy dresses with deadly bladed fans and handkerchiefs that will make a grown man faint. Right?


Gail Carriger’s YA series ‘Finishing School’ is a total romp and we’re so sad there are only four books of Sophronia’s adventures.

5. The darkly Gothic ‘Fallen’ series by Lauren Kate is basically just our aesthetic. Brooding, romantic and hella dramatic. All of the love.


We might have to choose ‘Torment’ as our favourite because there are serious #hairgoals on that cover as well as a beautiful dress. Talk about A+ book design.

tessa gray6. Cassandra Clare’s ‘Clockwork Princess’ may well be the only one of her covers where the Shadowhunter in the spotlight isn’t decked out in fighting gear, runes and a weapon.

And yet Tessa is still a total badass. In fact, she’s probs more powerful than Will and Jem… She looks like it in this dress as well! Ladies, you can be badass AND wear a dress – life lessons from Tessa Gray.

7. ‘These Broken Stars’ by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner. This space opera trilogy has covers to die for. Forget the clothes for a bit, we love the colours, the galaxies, the full-cover titles – EVERYTHING.

these broken stars series

These covers could actually hypnotise you into reading them and you’d spend the days dreaming of drifting round galaxies in beautiful floaty dresses and ace silver space suits.

8. We couldn’t decide whether we preferred the US cover or the UK cover of ‘The Jewel’ by Amy Ewing, so we didn’t.

Book Wars- The Jewel_zpsrer9pmzs

At first glance, this high-octane dystopia doesn’t seem like one for gorgeous dresses, but the luxury and opulence of the inner circles of this world makes you desperate for a gorgeous dress or six.

9. The covers of the Marie Rutkoski’s ‘Winners’ trilogy sends us into paroxysms of joy every time we look at them. They are stunning.


We’re so glad the cover change didn’t go ahead for ‘The Winner’s Kiss’. We would have been devastated, and not just because we like our series’ to match. The colours and the SWORDS.

10. We never thought we’d want to look like Alice outside of Halloween and World Book Day, but we have been totally suckered by ‘Alice in Zombieland’ by Gena Showalter. 


They’re cute and girly, but also totally badass and period appropriate. We totally want to see what adventures Alice gets up to in the ‘White Rabbit Chronicles’. SOLD.

a wicked thing11. Can we get married in this dress, like right now? Pretty please? In fact, we’d wear the dress from Rhiannon Thomas’s ‘A Wicked Thing’ every single day.

School, chores, Netflix bingeing, emergency chocolate runs – it doesn’t matter. We want to wear it all the time and feel like a total princess. Who doesn’t want to feel like a princess? And we def would in this dress!

12. We’ve got serious heart eyes over the ‘Everneath’ series by Brodi Ashton. Red dresses and black dresses are both wardrobe essentials, but these have serious class.

Everneath Trilogy

Moody, romantic and 100% to die for, these covers make us want to delve back into the wonderful world of paranormal romance. You so know you want to as well…

cursed13. Butterflies. This girl has a dress made of butterflies. We’re totally curious about ‘Cursed’ by Monica Wolfson. 

A sinister, foreboding title and…a dress made of brightly coloured, beautiful butterflies? What sort of curse is this? Is she destined to look magical for the rest of her life? Now that is a curse I think we could all live with… Though we guess things flapping around your face all the time could be a tad annoying.

978006202414514. The dress on the cover of Alex Flinn’s ‘Bewitching’ basically just ticks all of our dream dress boxes: sexy, romantic and mysterious with a splash of the Gothic. Just how we like it.

We’d like it in 5 different colours, please. Although we don’t know if you can beat a gorgeous black dress. The more we look at it, the more we think we’re convinced that we’re being bewitched…

TreacheryofBeautiful-Catalog15. And another dress that def wouldn’t look out of place at the altar. And another dress that we would literally wear all of the time purely to look like a princess.

‘The Treachery of Beautiful Things’ (hello, beautiful title!) by Ruth Frances Long looks like pure magic. This dress is so perfect for the fairy tale in the novel – you can just imagine trailing through mystical woods in it, can’t you?

Have we missed your favourite book cover outfit? Let us know at @maximumpopbooks

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Written by Sophie Waters

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