12 cakes inspired by your favourite books that will totally make you drool

Mmm, cake. It’s the other other white meat. Part of a balanced diet (holding a slice in each hand). But the artistry and skill that goes into some cakey creations is astounding.

let them eat cake

Here we’ve brought together some of our favourite book-inspired noms. Dig in!1. It seems fitting to start with ‘The Hunger Games’. This absolute beauty was made by Delectable Cakes and is inspired by Katniss’ dress in ‘Mockingjay’.


2. And sometimes, even though we love a book, we don’t mind admitting we would eat its face. Especially if it came frosted like this one by Anna Swenson:


3. But a bookish list just isn’t the same without at least a small slice of Potter. There are SO MANY ‘Harry Potter’ inspired sweet treats that we could have showcased, but we liked the simplicity in this showstopper:

4. Or maybe just one book isn’t enough? Why not have a whole library? ‘Cakes and Cupcakes Mumbai‘ have you covered.


5. You can’t talk about cake without bringing in the big guns. Choccywoccydoodah made this ‘Game of Thrones’ red wedding masterpiece:

cake GoT

6. But this Dr Seuss extravaganza is srsly something else:

dr seuss

7. What the Dickens? Sweet as Sugar made an edible author. Amaze:


8. Or follow this instructable to make your own ‘Bag End’ cake. Yummy Hobbits:

bag end

9. But if ‘Bag End’ isn’t doing it for you, how about an honest-to-goodness fire breathing DRAGON! Smaug has never looked so delectable:

10. How could we not also include an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ nom? The amazing Bobbette & Belle made this stunner:


11. And this ‘Wizard of Oz’ inspired wedding cake is something else. We hope the bride walked up the yellow brick road rather than an aisle.


12. And finally this flawless Jane Austen cake by Sprinkle Bakes:

jane austen cake

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Written by Sarah Clare

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Sarah is currently working on an expose on Draco Malfoy in her spare time. But not if his father hears about it.

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