Book blogger Georgia tells us what she thought of ‘Finding Audrey’ by Sophie Kinsella

‘Finding Audrey’ is Sophie Kinsella’s first attempt at YA fiction – and we think she did an amazing job. Taking a step away from the shopping malls and stiletto boots of her ‘Shopaholic’ series, Kinsella’s latest book is about Audrey, a young girl dealing with anxiety – as well as her chaotic family, and her “so-not-a-crush” crush on Linus,  her brother’s gaming team mate.

Georgia, book blogger and Kinsella fan, told us what she loved about this fab, new read.

Name: Georgia Dalton

Age: 15

Favourite Starbucks order: Red Berry Yoghurt Frappuccino

1. Have you read any of Sophie Kinsella’s books before, like the Shopaholic series? If not, would you consider doing so after reading ‘Finding Audrey’?

I have read all of the Shopaholic series, (mostly on a few holidays), and I fell in love with them! I don’t read chic lit a lot, so it was, (and still is), a lovely, indulgent treat to read the Shopaholic series. After reading, ‘Finding Audrey,’ I am very tempted to re-read the series, after getting through my very large pile of books to read!

2. What did you think of the cover?

I love the cover, I think it ties in so well with the whole book: Audrey’s face on the cover is a nice touch. Can I just say, the colour scheme is GORGEOUS: it’s enough to attract anyone to read it!

3. How do you think this book handled the issue of anxiety and mental health?

I think the book handled both anxiety and mental health immensely well. I liked that it didn’t beat around the bush: the plot showed the nitty gritty parts of anxiety, that many teenagers can relate to. Also, I definitely believe this book has the potential to make someone who is too scared to get help for their mental health- to climb out of their shell and speak out.

4. Do you think the comedy worked well in balancing such serious topics?

The way that the plot floated effortlessly from one serious issue, to a comedic section was very impressive. I could change in a split second to feeling very empathetic to Audrey, but then laughing out loud at her brothers.

5. Which character can you relate most to?

I can easily relate to Audrey, as even though we are completely different: I can still see parts of myself in her.

6. What did you think of Linus and Audrey’s relationship?

I thought that Linus was very good to Audrey, as he carefully coaxed her out of her shell; bit by bit. If there could be more young people like Linus in the world, it would be a better place!


Daily Mail – great or trash? To me, it’s trash: the stories are not interesting at all!  

Coconut ice-cream – yuck or yum? Definitely yuck- my taste buds do not approve at all!

Computer games – love or hate? It depends what game it actually is, and what mood I am in! 

Dares – fun or terrifying? Dares are very terrifying to me, I’d rather just tell the truth.

Check out more reviews from Georgia on her blog, TeenBookHoots, which specialises in all things YA. If you’re also a YA book nerd, it’s a spot on the web for you.




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