How much would it cost to get a pop star round your house? MP! Investigates

Real life pop stars pulling shapes and crooning in your living room in an intimate performance just for you. It’s the reality of the very rich and the greatest dream of the very poor. But just how much moolah would you need to see Parade, The Wanted, GMD3 or Justin Bieber trading Wembley Arena’s stage for your semi in Middlesex? MP! Investigates has the answers you probably won’t want to hear.




So dearest MP!er, what we have we learned? Unless you’re a billionaire that lives in rural France and don’t mind getting your personal chef to make 12,000 gourmet ham sarnies, it’s probably best if you just get your bloke mates to play dress up whilst miming to All Time Low. Hands up if we just ruined your day. Oh dear.

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Written by Oliver Meakings

No dull pop stars allowed.

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