Bonnie McKee’s ‘American Girl’: 5 life lessons we’ve learned from the video

Bonnie McKee alarm popped all over MP! not that long ago with her Katy Perry ‘Teenage Dream’-esque song ‘American Girl’. The video for the patriotic pop song debuted online and we couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw it. It’s cheeky, Bonnie has amazing hurr and is a very naughty girl and we love it!

Here are 5 things that Bonnie has taught us from her new vid:

1If a shop keeper is ugly and shows signs of a unibrow, it’s ok to shop lift.

2If you are a popstar and are worrying how you are going to fit all your product placement in a music video shorter than 4 minutes, shoot the first minute in a supermarket and it will solve all your product placement woes.

3 Hot tattooed guys don’t mind if you steal their car

A carwash is a fun and convenient place to change when you are a busy girl on the go.

5 If someone threatens your life and attempts to car-bomb you, laugh it off and roast marshmallows on the wreckage.

MP! would like to take this opportunity to thank Bonnie for teaching us these valuable life lessons and we look forward to trying them out.

If you want to see some of Bonnie’s advice in action, check out the ‘American Girl’ video below:

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