I tried a night on the town in blue lipstick and got the weirdest responses

You know them Instagram pics with a lady who has gone WILD with make-up and looks fabulous? Like a rainbow of colours all over the face – popping eyeshadow, coloured lipstick – THE LOT. But would you dare do that on a night out?

Before this article, I certainly hadn’t. I’m what they call a ‘nude’ lover – and not in that way, stop that – but all my lipsticks are a classic shade of beige, with a beige eye-shadow palette, beige brows, just basically a beige face. The same to make-up as vanilla is to ice cream flavours, if you will.

So I thought – what happens when a vanilla goes all mint choc-chip?! It was time to whip out something crazy – THE BLUE LIPSTICK.


My blue of choice was Lime Crime in Peacock – and boy oh boy, it don’t get no bluer than that. Like a Smurf explosion on the mouth, this gorgeous indigo goes on like a gloss but comes out matte. It’s a powerful lip, a perfect application – and a surefire striking colour.


I  went out one Saturday night, through the glorious city of Leicester, to put it to the test.

So what on EARTH happened?

1. Your mum won’t get it


I don’t know if mums are jel because they don’t think that they could wear the blue lippy, but the blank stare on the face said it all. ‘That’s weird’. I know Mum. It is. Then again, she hates me in red lipstick. Or anything out of the ordinary. I think Ma might be more vanilla than I am.

2. Men won’t get it


If you think this lipstick might be a good flirtation method, think again. Two of the main questions I got asked were ‘are you cold?’ or ‘are you dead?’ – BOTH EQUALLY AS HILARIOUS AS THE NEXT.

When I wasn’t holding my sides laughing, I was being questioned about the lip. And you’d be surprised how many can’t move past the lip for a good minute.

3. Ladies will LOVE IT


Ahh man, I felt like a fashion sensation with the ladies. Compliment after compliment, ‘I LOVE YOUR  LIPSTICK!’ just pouring out of their mouths. I didn’t care what the gents said, I was far from cold – I was electric. Hot. The coolest gal in town. It was like having Cara Delevingne eyebrow’s on my mouth (YUCK) – a true statement look.

Or maybe ladies are just a bit nicer. Who knows.


Overall, some gals can just pull off ANY lipstick under the sun. For a tame ol’ lass like me, I felt a lot more Smurfette than myself – and I quite enjoyed it. Make-up should be about celebrating the weird and wonderful, and I’m about ready to grab the whole rainbow selection. Yellow, anyone?

What’s your wildest make-up item to slap on for a night out? Let us know at @maximumpop!

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