MP! Style chats to Scarlett London about the Prairie trend, Perrie Edwards and staying true to yourself

Here at MP! Style, we love keeping up with the latest fashion bloggers and constantly find ourselves inspired by their style and passion. We spoke to Scarlett Dixon from Scarlett London about her experience as a successful style blogger, and here’s what she had to say.Scarlett London Pastel 23762414

Blogging has become increasingly popular over the years. What made you first want to start a blog?

I know, it has been amazing to watch the community grow over the last few years. I actually set up my blog (in 2011) because I was an aspiring journalist who wanted something to show to the university admissions officers when applying for courses. I’ve always been someone who has enjoyed photography and writing, so a blog seemed like the perfect outlet to showcase what I loved doing. To be honest though, in the beginning, I didn’t even know that what I was doing was called a blog. I just thought it was my own website where I’d share my opinions. I didn’t tell anyone at first, not even my mum. But then things grew and I realised that my little space of the web was evolving more than I’d ever imagined.

Can you tell us about your personal style? Where do you get your fashion inspiration from?

My personal style is a mix of comfort, feminine shapes and pastel colours. I get my inspiration mostly from other bloggers (I LOVE Tasha Oakley and Kayture for starters) but also from some of my favourite TV programmes – like Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars, and celebrities, like Blake Lively and Suki Waterhouse. I never kid myself about something that won’t suit me though. As much as I love looking at other people’s style, what suits them doesn’t always suit me, so I weave in inspiration with what I know will be flattering on my body shape and make me feel good. I’ve never dressed purely for trends sake though. Some trends just would never suit me.Scarlett London Jody Bell 3482362

What’s the one item in your wardrobe that you can’t live without?

This is a hard question! A year ago, I would have said a beautiful pastel floral print playsuit that I treated myself to from Ted Baker. Any excuse for me to wear it, I would. Even if I had to invent one myself. However I lost quite a lot of weight as a result of changing up my diet for health reasons – and so it no longer fits me sadly. At the moment, my favourite item is a green wrap coat that goes everywhere with me. You can pull the belt so that it nips you in at the waist – it’s honestly the most flattering coat I’ve ever owned. Normally I look like I’m smuggling a cushion in my coats because they make me look so boxy and round!

What spring fashion trend are you most looking forward to?

I’m really looking forward to the Prairie trend, which seems to be everywhere right now. It’s all about floaty fits (with feminine tailoring so it’s flattering too), lace inserts and a slight updated boho vibe. It’s relaxed and effortless, but looks really pretty too. I can’t wait to venture out of the house wearing a white lacy dress and no tights! We just need a bit of sun! I’m heading to Thailand and Mykonos this Spring, so I’ll be very excited to experiment with all the more summery trends.Scarlett-London-Lauren-Shipley-Britton-Loves-Photography-58

We love pop stars here at MP! Who’s your celebrity style icon and why?

I have so many favourites but one who consistently dresses incredibly – and always pull off her looks is Perrie Edwards from Little Mix. I feel her style is accessible (which isn’t always the case with many celebrities) and it’s feminine and classy, but still very on trend and sometimes, a little daring. She pulls off the cropped tee and skirt combo so well – I’m sure partly thanks to her amazing abs! Gym inspiration as well as style inspo!

Finally, what advice do you have for aspiring bloggers?

I suppose just to go for it! I get quite a few emails each week asking about starting a blog and so many express feelings of being nervous to start or not knowing what to write about. There’s no time like the present (and every moment you spend pondering whether to do it, could be spent writing a post). You might worry about not being different enough or not being able to offer readers something that isn’t already out there. However we all offer something different, because blogs are personal things (especially lifestyle ones, like mine) and you can make it completely your own. Trial and error is always the best way forward! Make sure your personality shines through and stay true to yourself. Your USP is that your blog is about you!

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