MP! Style chats to Burkatron about the ’70s trend, feeling confident and not obsessing over stats

Here at MP! Style, we love keeping up with the latest fashion bloggers and constantly find ourselves inspired by their style and passion. We spoke to Caroline from about her experience as a successful style blogger, and here’s what she had to say.caroline burkatron blog (2)

Blogging has become increasingly popular over the years. What made you first want to start a blog?

It was actually my boyfriend! I’d never read a blog until he introduced me to the ones his sister liked, once I started reading them I was hooked and decided to try writing my own!

Can you tell us about your personal style? Where do you get your fashion inspiration from?

My style is definitely very casual and a little boho – I like to feel comfortable and confident in what I’m wearing! My inspiration comes from lots of places: Pinterest, magazines, fashion bloggers and websites.burkatron

What’s the one item in your wardrobe that you can’t live without?

It has to be denim jeans!! I have dozens of styles and washes as they’re my go-to outfit.

What spring fashion trend are you most looking forward to?

Oh there’s a few… anything ’70s or suede, pleats and flat mules.caroline burkatron blog (1)

We love pop stars here at MP! Who’s your celebrity style icon and why?

Alexa Chung is my ultimate style icon but I do enjoy seeing what Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are wearing on the red carpets!

Finally, what advice do you have for aspiring bloggers?

Keep going! Lots of people start blogs but give up after a few months if they don’t see any results. It can take a while to get into the swing of it so enjoy the process and don’t obsess over stats. Blogging is a great platform for self expression and creativity which can lead you to amazing opportunities and a great network of like minded people and friends!

Catch up with Caroline on Twitter, Instagram and her blog!

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