Watch Little Mix go from chic to geek and back to chic in behind-the-scenes footage from the Black Magic video.

Did you know that if you watched Little Mix’s ‘Black Magic’ video non-stop since it’s premiere, you would have seen it 6120 times? We haven’t watched it that much, but we’re quite near that amount. But if you have watched it that many times, or not that many times, or the 6119 times that we have, then you might be wondering how the girls went from being one of the hottest girlbands on the planet, to high school geeks, to becoming one of the hottest girlbands on the planet once again. Wonder no more, because ‘Black Magic: Behind The Scenes (Part One)’ is finally upon us. Popcorn at the ready…


In the behind-the-scenes vid we get to see Little Mix hanging with the very lucky Mixers that were selected to star in the music video, have a chat with the video’s mean lead character (who turns out to be a total babe, actually) and even get the heads up on a budding romance between our Jade and the super hot jock from the video.

But it wasn’t all smiles, oh no!

“This is our first ever two day shoot and I’m  exhausted already, I need to get back in the swing of things! It’s been too long,” Jesy confesses in the vid. “But I am excited and we’ve seen the playbacks and we absolutely love it!”

And if you need even more behind-the-scenes action then never fear, there’s a part two coming… just like the ‘DNA’ video!

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