SONG OFF: Ke$ha’s ‘C’mon’ vs Justin Bieber’s ‘All Around The World’

What do Ke$ha and Justin Bieber have in common? Well, they’re both international superstars – obviously. They also share a birthday today; Justin turns 19(!) while Ke$ha will be celebrating her 26th. To think we remember when they were just bright-eyed young pop innocents! (well, not so much Ke$ha…)

They also both have new singles out on Sunday. Justin will be unleashing the dancetastic ‘All Around The World’ from his Believe album, while K-dolla is following up ‘Die Young’ with new party anthem ‘C’mon’. So we thought we’d use the excuse for a good old-fashioned SONG OFF:

[column width=half]

Who? Ke$ha

D.O.B: 01/03/87

Song: ‘C’Mon’

Out: Sunday 3rd March

About: In a bold change of pace, this is a Ke$ha song about getting drunk and partying.

Most thought-provoking lyric: Feeling like sabretooth tiger/sipping on a warm Budweiser…

Is it a ballad? No

Giant owls in the video: 1

Acoustic guitars in the video: 0

Is there a ‘guest rap’?: No

Hands-in-the-air factor: 8/10

Is it better than the last single?: It’s about the same. You know what you’re getting with Ke$ha.

Should I buy it?: Yes

Would your mum approve?: The video features Ke$ha getting drunk, quitting her job for no reason, getting into cars with strange cats and trashing the local co-op. On reflection, probably not.



[column width=half last=true]

Who?: Justin Bieber

D.O.B: 01/03/94

Song: ‘All Around The World’

Out: Sunday 3rd March

About: Beautiful girls from all around the world

Most thought-provoking lyric: All around the world/People want to be loved

Is it a ballad: No, but there is an acoustic version

Giant owls in the video: 0

Acoustic guitars in the video: 1

Is there a ‘guest rap’?: Yes

Hands in the air factor: Original version: 7/10. Acoustic version: 4/10

Is it better than the last single?: Original: Yes, Acoustic: No

Should I buy it?: Yes!

Would your mum approve?: He seems like a nice young man, so yes.[/column]
And the winner is: Controversially the winner of this ‘Versus’ is Ke$ha. Maybe the Beliebers were all too busy writing birthday cards?

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