We chat to Birdy about mermaids, the hokey cokey and her new single ‘Wild Horses’!

Birdy is back with her brand new music video for ‘Wild Horses’ from her highly anticipated new album, ‘Beautiful Lies’, which comes out this week! We had a chinwag with Birdy herself about mermaid life and other mystical creatures.

Hi Birdy! You’ve just released the music video for ‘Wild Horses’ – would you consider yourself a ‘wild horse’ or a ‘dark horse’?

A bit of both maybe. I grew up quite feral in the countryside but I also love being awake at four in the morning when it’s quiet and ghostly writing sad songs.

You turn into a mermaid in the music video – what do you think the pros and cons are of being an underwater creature?

I loved being a mysterious sea siren, and being able to breathe underwater was amazing. There aren’t many cons but I couldn’t see a thing down there without goggles, though I’m sure my eyes could adjust to mermaid life.

We’d love to be one, to be honest! We watched the video and didn’t see any horses in the video – what does a mermaid have to do with a horse?

Wild Horses is about a friend in a painful relationship remembering how strong she is on her own. I wanted the video to be a love story, but about a siren/mermaid because they are wild and fierce.

Now that you have experienced life as a mermaid, has it put you off eating fish and chips?

No, being English I could never give up fish and chips, that’s one of my favourite things. Mermaids probably aren’t vegetarian anyway.

Can’t beat a good British tradition. If you had a wild horse as a pet, what would you name it?

Where I grew up there are wild horses roaming about everywhere. We have a beautiful and naughty pony called Poppy who belongs to my sister.

If you could be any other fairytale creature what would you be?

A unicorn.

Good choice! We’ve been pondering over serious life questions lately and were wondering if you thought that the Hokey Cokey really is what it’s all about?

No, it’s all about the Macarena!

What is the life advice you can give us within 140 characters?

To always be yourself and hold on to the people and things that make you happy.

Thanks, Birdy! Great chatting to you!

Birdy’s new album, ‘Beautiful Lies’, is out Friday 25th March.

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