Thought binge-watching was the best? Apparently not so much for your health.

Binge-watching is the norm, right? We can’t help the fact we NEED to see all the episodes for ‘Game of Thrones’ or ‘American Horror Story‘ in one go.


The Scientists at the University of Toledo asked North Americans about their binge-watching habits and the study is pretty interesting. For the study, binge-watching meant consuming two to five consecutive hours of television in one day. (Come on, binge watching is definitely more than 5 hours.)

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Those who identified as being binge-watchers show higher levels of stress, anxiety and depression than those who aren’t binge-watchers.
Now there is not need to panic about this! The results don’t show the cause, just a correlation so it could all be a coincidence. However if you do feel you’re experiencing stress, anxiety, depression etc, please see a doctor. We care about you MP!ers.

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