Katy Perry, The Wanted, Kelly Clarkson & more: Who was good and who was bad at the BMAs?

Last night’s Billboard Music Awards dealt up a bum-numbing amount of performances from the biggest and best names in pop. So, to save you rifling through them all, allow us to break down which ones were good and which should be forgotten.

Katy Perry – ‘Wide Awake’
The 94th single from Katy’s Teenage Dream album was performed for the first time, and though the whole production of it was quite ambitious, it didn’t quite catch on the way we thought it would. Firstly, Katy probably learned the important lesson that mid-air acrobatics don’t make life easy when it comes to singing live, and secondly once you’ve seen them spin around once or twice, you’re kind of over it. Great song, not a great performance. Miss

Kelly Clarkson – ‘Dark Side’
Kel gave her first televised performance of her new single ‘Dark Side’ at the BMAs, and though we have to admit that it’s not quite as amazing live as it is on record, we commend Kelly for being one of few stars who are able to just stand with a microphone belting out the song, and be far more engaging than someone with high-budget choreography and all kinds of pyrotechnics. And doesn’t she look stunning?! Hit

The Wanted – ‘Chasing The Sun/Glad You Came’
Awkward as it must have been to walk past a section of audience who look bored out of their minds at the start of the performance, The Wanted did Britain proud with their two-hit mash-up. Sometimes their “we don’t dance, we just jump” schtick looks a little awkward, but on this occasion it really did their tunes justice. Good job, lads! Hit 

Justin Bieber – ‘Boyfriend’
Are we right in thinking that parts of this were lip-synched? As in, the spoken bits were live and the actual sung bits were mimed? Tut tut, Justin! The choreography is great, but on the basis that he is an amazing singer and he didn’t show off his voice (and also that the sound mixers didn’t do a great job of masking the pre-recorded vocal), we’re going to give this one a… Miss. We’re not angry, Justin. Just disappointed.

Carly Rae Jepsen – ‘Call Me Maybe’
It’s hard to explain the genius of ‘Call Me Maybe’ to someone that doesn’t get it. Haters will say its lyrics are silly. They’re right. Haters will say Carly’s voice isn’t exactly Leona’s. They’re right. Haters will say the production is simple. They’re right. And yet, somehow, it’s one of the most inexplicably brilliant pop songs of recent years. Carly’s performance last night wasn’t really a standout, but she worked the crowd, she sang live, she didn’t get too over-ambitious with a big, glitzy stage production… We liked it. Hit

Nelly Furtado – ‘Big Hoops’
Just a few days after performing on Alan Carr’s Channel 4 stage in London, Nelly bought her A-game to the BMAs. ‘Big Hoops’ had massive production with some incredibly ambitious staging, but Nelly sang and performed her way through it like the seasoned professional she is. The song may not be to everyone’s liking, but it was done great justice last night. Hit

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