Yikes! This trick that you’re using to support your faves is total waste of money

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We know how far you guys go to support your fave artists and bands. From DIY merch to travelling hundreds and hundreds of miles for a concert, you go above and beyond for your fandoms and it’s incredible.

Some of you even gift an artist’s record to your BFF. After all, it’s a win-win. Not only does your bestie get a flipping amazing new record to listen to 24/7, but it also helps the band or artist you’re supporting get higher on the Billboard 200 chart, right? Wrong.

It’s recently been revealed that gifted albums don’t contribute to the Billboard 200 chart and if you’re using this method to try and help your fave get a higher spot on the chart then it’s total waste of money. Don’t believe us? Wait till you hear this.

In a recent news story that Billboard wrote about rock band, Foo Fighters, the media outlet discussed BTS and how their online army helped spread the word about the band’s new release. They said that the band’s fandom was trying to drive album sales by passionately promoting it and gifting it to all their closest friends. Billboard wrote:

‘(Some fans even went so far as to gift the album to friends via Apple’s iTunes Store in order to spread the word. However, sales of any specific album purchased on iTunes and gifted to another are not reported to Nielsen Music by Apple, and thus, do not count on Billboard’s charts.)’

Yikes! Twitter account @PopCrave picked up on the news and also suggested that gifted singles probably don’t count as sales for the Hot 100 charts either. They tweeted:

It’s pretty devastating news for fans who have been using this method to support their faves. So much so that we wanna hear your thoughts. Have you ever gifted an album? Will you continue to do so now you know it won’t impact your fave’s chart position? Let us know in the comments below.

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Written by Emma Matthews

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