The biggest selling singles of 2015 so far have really disappointed us…

Our friends over at The Official Charts Company (who are possibly bigger music geeks than we are) sent us over a list of the biggest selling singles of the year so far, and it’s pretty much what you’d expect.

Here’s the top ten:

1: ‘Uptown Funk’ – Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars

2: ‘Love Me Like You Do’ – Ellie Goulding

3: ‘Take Me To Church’ – Hozier

4:  ‘Wish You Were Mine’ – Philip George

5: ‘FourFive Seconds’ – Rihanna feat Kanye West & Paul McCartney

6: ‘Thinking Out Loud’ – Ed Sheeran

7: ‘Earned It’ – The Weeknd

8: ‘Hold Back the River’ – James Bay

9: ‘Up’ – Olly Murs feat. Demi Lovato

10: ‘Sugar’ – Maroon 5

Obviously ‘Uptown Funk’ is still an incredible tune of epic proportions we’re still not bored of yet and we all know Ellie Goulding can be very persuasive but we would have liked a few surprises.

Here are some of the songs we’re surprised aren’t in the best selling of 2015 list.

Flo Rida – ‘GDFR’ feat. some people

Genuinely surprised this didn’t crack the top ten, seeing as it’s F&*(ING EVERYWHERE!

Fleur East – ‘Uptown Funk’

Really should be in the top ten twice.

Daphne and Celeste – ‘You and I Alone’ ‘Ooh Stick You’

We thought this was the pop comeback everyone was waiting for. Come on guys, their new song has been out since Friday (that’s not even this month!) more than enough for everyone to buy the girls new song far less sh*t bona-fide classic.

Thomas the Tank Engine

That video of the goths raving to this was viral for quite a while. Did it translate into record-breaking sales? No. We’re starting to doubt your influence, social media.

Florrie – ‘Too Young to Remember’

Gotta rep for bae.

‘Donald, Where’s Yer Troosers?’

Endlessly iconic.  You’ve got three months to sort this out, readers.

One Direction – ‘Where Do Broken Hearts Go’

It could be their last single ever.

Electro Velvet – ‘Still In Love With You’

Where’s your patriotism guys? Ah, who are we kidding, this isn’t going to do very well at all.

Are you surprised by anything in the best selling top ten? Want to thank us for introducing Donald and his lack of trousers into your life? Tweet us @maximumpop, obviously.

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