How about a cheeky Maximum Pop! exclusive track première? We know you want it.

Here on Maximum Pop we cover all ranges of pop music, from world conquering acts like One Direction (or four fifths of One Direction…) to artists you’ve (probably) never heard of. One such artist is Bianca, who you may remember from Parade.

As you can hear by clicking on the link, her style is very funky and very eighties – kinda like an early Madonna with a less annoying vocal on top. In short, we like it a lot and we’re proud to host the premiere of her follow-up, ‘Hi-5’.

Here’s the track:

And here’s a bit about it from the woman herself:

“Essentially the song is about a girl getting out of a relationship that isn’t really going anywhere. But she then decides that not all things are off the table, if you know what I mean! It’s empowering because she’s taking control of the situation and keeping the ball in her court”

We get ya girl…

Hi-5 is also the name of Bianca’s debut EP, coming out May 17th. Keep your eyes peeled on this one.

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