Beyoncé must be on top of the world right now! Or a skyscraper.

Over the years many fans/followers/stalkers have been inspired by Queen B. Whether it is her gorgeous weave, killer vocals, booty shaking, stunning family, winning smile, absolute Queen . . . Okay, we have to stop ourselves before the jealousy tears us apart.

But now Bey is venturing in to a new area of greatness for she is now inspiring creative minds to build a Skyscraper.

YES! and actual SKYSCRAPER!

An Australian company have been granted permission in Melbourne to build the Skyscraper which was inspired by Bey’s video ‘Ghost’ and play host to 650 Apartments and 160 Hotel Rooms.

Whatever next ey? An Island? Why stop there, might as well be a Country!

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Fifth Harmony have been trying British grub! And managed to tip it everywhere. Lovely.

Come on Jessie, are you trying to give us tooth ache?