SOS: Save our stars! Sia’s hostage situation and 5 other singers in danger

Beyoncé has kidnapped Sia, 5SOS are stuck in space and Ariana Grande proves she’s a dangerous woman. Everything has gotten a little crazy for our faves!

giphy (2)

We think Ariana is about to get chomped by some zombies, oh no. It seems everyone is in a right pickle.

Looks like Katy Perry got on the bad side of Left Shark… Maybe her roar will scare him away?

katy shark

5 Seconds of Summer share the true inspiration behind ‘Outer Space’. Calum doesn’t look impressed.

5sos space

We know Beyoncé kidnapped Sia. It’s all over the internet! #savesia


Ariana Grande proves she’s a dangerous woman by going head first into a herd of zombies. We don’t think this is a great idea.ari zombies

Little Mix can easily fight of the White Walkers from ‘Game of Thrones’ with some black magic. No big deal.

little mixx

We hope One Direction were ready to run. Looks like the dinosaurs are catching up! Um… guys where is Liam?1d dino

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