MP! Guide: How to sniff out a surprise release like Rihanna’s ‘ANTI’ or Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’

Everyone loves a surprise release, right?

rihanna surprise


Sure, they’re great and we can’t be totally disappointed when our fave releases a new album or a new “visual album” but we don’t like being kept out in the cold.

So based on indisputable evidence, we’ve found nine ways you can find out if your fave is planning to surprise you with something you’re not quite expecting.

1) Things are notoriously quiet: You haven’t seen your fave on Twitter? No snaps lately? They’re definitely up to something


2) Things are getting notoriously noisy: You’re seeing them on billboards, TV ads, bottles of… shampoo? The visual assault can be very real.

3) Your fave is always “in the studio”: Oh, hey, what ARE you doing in the studio? We thought you said there was no music coming? How interesting…


4) Your fave pops up at a popular sports event: Performing at the Super Bowl? Champions League finale? Or even just attending a basketball game for leisure, they’re up to something.


5) A tour announcement: Only Beyonce can go on tour without releasing new music. Anyone else and it’s just plain rude.

6) A new hashtag trending: #B6? #B7? #CL3? Prepare yourself

7) Inexplicable social media posts: Who knew Beyonce was teasing us all those months ago!

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8) Their celebrity BFF starts refusing to talk about them: They know all the goss, they’re just not spilling the tea. But tea was made for sharing!

9) TIDAL gives it away: Rihanna knows ALL about this. Sorry girl!


What are your favourite surprise releases? Let us know @maximumpop

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