Post Up, Flawless: Beyoncé beats Ariana, Selena and Miley as most followed diva on Instagram

She wakes up flawless and her posts are flawless, it’s no wonder that Beyoncé is now officially the world’s most followed female pop singer on Instagram with over 20 million followers.

Beyonce selfie

We’re guessing her team of social media mignons are getting a big fat bonus this Christmas?

Bey’s Instagram recently attracted attention over several photoshop mishaps. Long live #ThighGapgate.

Next in line for most followed pop diva on Instagram is Ariana Grande with over 19 million followers and Selena Gomez is hot on her heels with 17 million, while Miley Cyrus is surprisingly post up at 13.5 million and Taylor Swift‘s not far behind at 13.4 million.

Other major female pop queens are positioned accordingly: Nicki Minaj (10.7 million), Katy Perry (9.5 million) and Lady Gaga (4. 8 million).

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