13 things you will experience at a Beyoncé concert

Beyoncé has arrived in the UK to start the European leg of her ‘Formation’ tour. We went on Thursday and it was a phenomenal experience. Lots of you will probably be going to see Queen B very soon, so we’ve  created a list of things you will experience at a Beyoncé concert.



1. The crowd will be very diverse

gig crowd

From teenage girls to hen parties, to middle-aged people; you will see all types of people at a Beyoncé concert because everyone is a fan of B.

2. Beyoncé may make a random appearance at your local cafe, or bus stop…. sort of

People couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw these  Twitter posts that Bey was actually at a local cafe and bus stop. AND without an entourage? Uh, that’s because it wasn’t. This was basically a publicity stunt / prank to see how many people would react. And apparently a lot of people bought it. Oh dear…

3. Merch that is totally on FLEEK

Of course, we stopped by the merchandise truck and were totally blown away by what it had to offer, but are we at all surprised? Bey even has a ‘Boycott Beyonce’ merch top which fans were obsessed over! But be warned – you may burn a hole in your pocket, with the cheapest t-shirt at £30, a denim jacket at £175 and a keychain for £5! We still bought stuff and we ain’t sorry. 

4. There will be a pre-party for the support act

DJ gif

People were expecting DJ Khaled to perform at Cardiff, but in actual fact it was DJ Magnum. Either way, he was pretty lit and had a great set that got the crowd pumped ready for B. 

5. The show may start late


People expected the show to start at 8pm but it was 20 minutes later that it actually began. But, as Queen Clarisse of Genovia once stated, “a queen is never late” and you damn well KNOW B is Queen. 

6. An intense buildup Intense

The lights will go down for the beginning of the concert and you’re so fricking ready… but you still have another two minutes. Yep. There is a slow and intense buildup which feels like forever. But when she appears on stage, you will be FLOORED. 

7. No lip synching at all

no gif

While people expect big stars to lip-synch, especially when they have a lot of dance moves like B, you won’t find that at a ‘Formation’ show. No way. Queen B got strong lungs and can totally belt out a tune for over 70,000 people as if it’s no biggie. 

8. Killer moves


“I slay,” is a total understatement for Yoncé and her dancers. She got dem mooooooves and you will know all about it. Trust us. 

9. Aesthetics. Aesthetics everywhere.


From the costumes right down to the tour screens and interludes. Everything is totally aesthetic goals AF and you will be taking a lot of photos and videos, so be sure to clear up your space on your phone and camera.

10. The feeling of self-love


We all know Beyonce is absolutely beautiful and wonderful and everything we aspire to be, but she has the power to make YOU feel like a queen and flawless. We don’t know how. But she can. Bow down, bitches. 

11. You may duet with B

Beyonce singing

Depending where you’re standing, you may very well be picked to sing a few lyrics by the queen herself. And it will be the best thing you’ll ever experience. 

12. No ‘Single Ladies’


We were pretty gutted Beyoncé didn’t perform ‘Single Ladies’ because that’s our jam, but either way, she definitely makes up for it with the rest of the setlist. 

13. You’ll be left wanting more


Despite the fact the set is around two hours long, you’ll still be wanting so much more. If she had offered to sing every single song she’s ever released, we would say yes in a heartbeat and have stayed there til the early hours in the morning.

Are you seeing Beyoncé on her tour? Let us know @maximumpop and have the BEST TIME EVER.

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