‘Between Us’ perfume inspired by 1D’s song ‘Spaces’? Ummm… not really…

With the excitement of the new 1D fragrance release, fans got very excited. Some got so excited, in fact, that they got a bit silly and made up a theory. Oh, here we go.

We’ve decided to sit down with a cuppa and see just what this theory is. Turns out, ‘Between Us’ is inspired by the song ‘Spaces’ from FOUR. Some how, we just can’t see it.

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1. Harder to reach her

harry mount everest

Okay, we understand that the highest mountain is hard to reach, fair point. But why was SHE up a mountain? Unless she lives in Wales which aren’t even the highest mountains, then she has no reason to be up there. Unless she was doing a charity climb, then we commend her, but boys, she’ll be back down before you know it! You should have gone with her, if that was the case. And who is SHE anyway?

2. Keep getting deeper

Ariel Meme

Now she’s in the deepest ocean? Why? What’s she doing there?! Is she The Little Mermaid? Not much luck finding whoever she is down there, Liam. And Ariel has a husband, soz.

3. Spaces between us

But… there’s a difference between moon space and distance space? Although there’s a big space between us and space. But still. There is a difference between space and space.

4. Who’s gonna be the first to say goodbye? 

So happy

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on a second. Who said Niall was crying for sadness? It was a happy tear! A very happy tear full of love and passion for his wonderful fans AKA us and you lovely lot. So,  how does that relate? Hmmm..

We don’t thin Directioners are completely wrong, though. We definitely think ‘Between Us’ is inspired by a 1D song, just not ‘Spaces’. Give this a listen…

THE CHEEKY BEGGARS! Using ‘You & I’ again. Talking about us again.

Okay, so it’s not confirmed, but either way, cute meaning, right?

Harry cupcaker

What do you think the meaning is? Does it matter if it’s just between us? We’d like your theories, pls. Tweet them @maximumpop and let’s see which are the best.

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