QUIZ: The ultimate Bethany Mota trivia quiz – only true Motavators can get 100%

Think you know Bethany Mota better than your own family? Think again. We’ve got the most difficult trivia quiz for you to have a go at and we bet you can’t get more than 50% of these Bethany facts right.

Reckon you can handle it? Are you a true Motavator? If Bethany is your BFF and you’d buy anything with her name on it in a heartbeat then this might be your chance to shine. Let’s see how you do:


Have you seen the massive secret Bethany’s been hiding from us?! We just found out EVERYTHING

Let us know in the comments how you got on! Are you a true Motavator?

And don’t forget to follow Bethany on Snapchat – you can find her username in our Snapchat Directory.

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