Bethany Mota explains why she’s taking a social media break

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It’s hard to believe that Bethany Mota‘s only 21. She’s one of the most popular online influencers ever with over 10 million YouTube subscribers and 4 million Twitter followers. It didn’t all come overnight, though.

As most of you already know, Bethany started her channel when she was just 13. That means she’s spent over 8 years growing her online platforms and building the following she has today.

So you can see why she’s (sorta) getting fed-up with social media.

Bethany recently wrote an essay for Cosmopolitan where she revealed that she’s taking a break from social media. How come? Well, the YouTube star said that she often feels pressured on social media and spends far too much time on it.

“I even started to feel guilty if I just went to the movies for fun, like, What could I be doing on social media?… If something was trending or I visited a popular vacation spot, I couldn’t fully enjoy it if I didn’t take a photo and post it online. And if I did take pictures but they weren’t great, I’d be so bummed about it because I felt like it didn’t fit this certain standard for me to post.”

Before you get too worried, Bethany did reassure fans that she has no plans on leaving social media permanently any time soon. She is, however, going to be taking a few days off every now and again to spend time with family and friends.

“I’m not saying I’ll be going dark on social media anytime soon. Again, I love it, and I understand its importance for my career. But every day, It’s important for my emotional well-being that I fit in at least five minutes where I close my eyes and allow myself to be at one with my thoughts.”

We 100% agree with what Bethany said. Putting your phone down and switching it off every now and again is incredibly important.

Have you ever thought about having a social media switch-off? Do you spend too much time on your phone? Let us know in the comments below. You can also watch the Facebook Live we recently hosted with Bethany by clicking here

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