VOTE: which YouTuber should Bethany Mota collab with next?

We love Bethany Mota more than life itself. She’s our #1 YouTube bae and, ngl, we’d binge watch her all day every day if we could.

Not only is she insanely inspirational but she’s a big ol’ barrel of laughs too. And now we can get this brand new thing to put on our shelves, and life seriously could not be better.


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We NEED ‘Make Your Mind Up‘ in our lives. We NEED more Bethany Mota in our lives and we NEED to see her collab with one of these other incredible YouTubers. It’s a total need – you understand our obsession, right?

Question is: who should she collab with next? Let us and Bethany know who your vote goes for, and don’t forget to tell us who you voted for in the comments below.

Not got your fave listed? Tell us in the comments who you wish would feature on Bethany’s channel next.

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