‘My mom had to pin my outfit together before I went on stage’. MP! Interviews Beth Sherburn.

We caught up the very lovely and stupidly talented Beth Sherburn who’s just headed out on tour with The Saturdays. We chatted embarrassing moments, beauty tips and being starstruck.

Hey Beth! You’re about to head out on tour with the Saturday’s, which is a pretty big deal, you must be excited?

I can’t wait! I am so excited to be going on tour with the girls! I’ve always loved their music and to think I will be performing at amazing arenas like Wembley is a dream come true!

For your first single ‘Joker’, set for release September 21st, you teamed up with Lil Wayne – how did that come about?

I was working on Joker in the studio with my production team and they knew Lil Wayne’s management. They sent the track over and he loved it – it’s amazing that’s he’s featuring on the track!

I was lucky enough to shoot the video in Ibiza and it was directed by Carly Cussen, she’s worked with Olly Murs, Ed Sheeran and Little Mix so it was amazing to work with a talented team! If you watch the video you will see there’s a story behind it…there’s a lot going on in the video – my favourite scene was driving the quad bikes!

For people who are new to you and your music – how would you describe your sound?

I am a pop/urban singer songwriter…I think my songs are fun, edgy and full of attitude!

I started writing when I was around 13 years old; everyone is different when it comes to songwriting. I generally have a lyric with a melody that suddenly appears in my head! (This is why I always have a dictaphone in my bag.) The piano helps me to structure the song and then I develop my ideas when I am in the studio.

All my songs are based on life experiences; whether it’s my own experience, a friend’s, a relationship or good nights out.

There are many artists over the years that have influenced me musically. When I was younger my parents used to listen to Dusty Springfield and Carole King, Michael Jackson and Alicia Keys – the latter of which was my initial inspiration to write songs. I then fell in love with the divas of the music industry such as Tina Turner, Celine dion, Whitney Huston all the way through to current icons like Britney Spears, Beyoncé and Rihanna.

How did you get into music, is it something you always wanted to do?

From a very early age music is always something I’ve wanted to do. Before I got spotted I always worked really hard on my music, I participated in local/national competitions from a young age and performed in musicals. I also attended music/choir workshops, singing and piano lessons as well as performing at many world-class venues such as The Royal Albert Hall, NIA Arena and Manchester Arena.

You’ve performed at some pretty big gigs and festivals recently; where/what has been your fave performance so far?

I really enjoyed performing at London Pride in Trafalgar Square! There were over 20,000 people there, the crowd really were incredible that day! Great memories for me!

Have you ever been starstruck?…You’ve performed with/alongside some pretty big names.

I’ve been lucky to meet some amazing people…I met Cheryl ?Fernandez-Versini backstage, she was really nice and gave me some great advice on the writing side of things. She also told me to stay focused and to keep working hard on my music.

Where would be your dream venue to play and why?

It would be amazing to perform at the O2 Arena! I think it would be a fantastic feeling to be singing at one of the biggest arenas in the UK.

We love your style! Where are your fave places to shop?

I do like Sandro! Wearing their clothes remind me so much of Paris with their feminine, versatile designs. I love High Street Fashion too – I’m very lucky to have Boohoo sponsoring me on The Saturdays tour, I love their clothes! I also like shopping in Topshop, Zara and River Island!

Do you have any fashion or beauty tips/secrets?

Yves Saint Laurent Touché éclat is fantastic for a quick pick me up when you’re on the go and your eyes are looking a little tired. Another tip is to take your make up off! I use simple cleansing kind to skin facial wipes, these are essential in cleansing and refreshing your skin. Going to bed with a clean face is necessary in order to let your skin breathe, otherwise, your pores become clogged with makeup causing reactions. Cleanse, tone and moisturise twice a day, once in the morning before makeup and then again at night.

Most embarrassing moment?

I was about to go on stage and my outfit fell apart! My poor mom had to pin my costume together just before I performed on stage!

Can we expect an album/headline tour of your own in the near future?

I hope I will have my own tour one day! I am currently working on my album and excited to be supporting Neon Jungle in October – I will be doing a school tour before the end of the year!

Quick fire round: ‘Sherburn, or Shermazing?’ (Sherburn = bad, Shermazing = good)

Marmite – Shermazing

Socks & sandals – Sherburn

Speedos – Sherburn

Sunglasses indoors – Sherburn

1D – Shermazing

Well there you have it – now you know everything you ever needed to know about the wonderful Beth Sherburn…well almost. We can’t wait to see more from her in the near future! Anybody going to be catching Beth on tour with The Saturday’s?!

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