8 acts from this year’s ‘X Factor’ who have to make the finals OR ELSE

Your favourite TV show ‘The X Factor‘ has been back for few weeks now and everyone has a fave act. We’re heading into boot camp shortly, which means some serious cuts and crucial choices are going to be made. This is some nail biting stuff.


Having a look back on the past few weeks, we scoured out the acts with the highest potential and who we’ve fallen head over heels for. If these eight don’t make it to the live shows, we will lose our minds.

1) Ryan Lawrie

Everyone was totes Nicole during this audition and Ryan HAS to make it to the final. Seriously, this lad opened up at Summertime Ball so it’d be crazy not to see him through until the end.

2) The Brooks

Who remembers these guys from 2014? It’s deffo their time to shine now. Off to the live shows guys! We can’t lose them at Judges Houses again.

3) 5 AM

Who got those dance skills? 5 AM got those dance skills. They totally give us JLS vibes and we’re loving it. They’re deffo the next big thing too, good spotting Simon.

4) Aeron Smith

We may have shed a tear during Aeron’s audition, no shame in that. It was a beautiful moving performance and we need to see more like this from him. Gotta have those tearjerkers.

5) Olivia Garcia

Olivia’s vocals are INSANE. We wish we could sing like her, we’re well jelly. She’d make a great solo artist or even in a girl group, we can totes see it!

6) Yes Lad

It’s a YES LADS from us. We can’t stop the feeling and damn those harmonies at the end too, these boys know what they’re doing. Plus, they’re hella cute.

7) Ottavio & Bradley

We need a good giggle during the live shows and Ottavio and Bradley fit the bill so well. They had us laughing out socks off during the auditions! They’re right up Louis street too.

8) Girl Next Door

We’re all about girl power and these girls just scream it! Plus, you can never have enough girl groups right? We’re totally lacking some more on the charts.

Did we miss any super talented souls out? Tell us who your favourites has been so far @maximumpop and if they deserve a place in the live shows.

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