Looking for Taylor, Rihanna and Beyoncé on streaming services? We’re here to help

We’ve had some huge releases in the last few weeks and months but thanks to all these damn exclusives, we haven’t even been able to enjoy them all.

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Beyoncé, Kanye and Rihanna remained loyal to their TIDAL commitments and released their albums over there, Drake’s album was an Apple Music exclusive, The 1975 held back their recent album from Spotify for the first two weeks and Adele still hasn’t put her album on there yet either (although you can now listen to the singles).

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We love Spotify. In fact, we love all streaming services. But there’s so many to choose from, it can be hard picking who to give your hard earned £10 a month to. But don’t fret; our latest infographic will show you which streaming service is king and which one is right for you.


Looking for Taylor, Rihanna and Beyonce? on streaming services-

What’s your streaming platform of choice? Let us know what you’ve decided @maximumpop

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