Do your remember the best day ever? One Direction’s ‘Best Song Ever’ is 2 years old today!

On 22 July 2013,  exactly two years ago, the official music video for ‘Best Song Ever’ came out. (This happened after the song was leaked online and then hastily released properly as a radio single.) They teased (tortured) fans with little clips of the One Direction boys dressed as their characters leading up the video release, but now, we can take a trip down memory lane and watch the video whenever we want—which has already been done 360 million times on YouTube.

Do you recall who played whom? We’ve got Harry as Marcel, the marketing mastermind.

Louis as Johnny, a hair-challenged music exec.

Niall as Harvey, another hair-challenged (and name-challenged) music exec.

Liam as Leeroy, the enthusiastic choreographer.

And who could forget Zayn as the beautiful office assistant Veronica.

And some of the most memorable moments of the video were when Leeroy kissed Niall’s little blond head.

And Zayn approved of Zayn—uh, Veronica’s dance skills.

And they all did this fantastic group number.

And Harry and Veronica got a little… close.

And Zayn very enthusiastically smashed a board over poor Liam’s head.

And more of that amazing group dance.

The gifs just can’t do Zayn’s transformation, Louis’s booty pop, Niall’s American accent, Liam’s sassy finger snaps, or Harry’s geeky charm  justice, so treat yourself to 6 minutes of heaven today and take a break to watch the video for yourself. Because as Leeroy will tell you:

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