The best celebrity pumpkin carvings ever – They should be in a pumpkin museum!



Pumpkin carving is tradition right? Right. To celebrate we’ve scoured the Internet, right in the nooks and hard to reach places to find the best pop pumpkins.

  1. Here’s all 5 of 1D squeezed into a pumpkin – don’t they look delish? 


2. Taylor Swift looking FIERCE in this pumpkin!

Taylor Swift Pumpkin

3. Nothing like a fetus Justin Bieber pumpkin, amiright? 

Justin Bieber Pumpkin4. It’s BRITNEY, Bitch! 

Britney Pumpkin

5. HOW AMAZING IS THIS BEYONCE PUMPKIN?! Based on her VMA performance and it really is #FLAWLESS

Beyonce Pumpkin

6. Ima let you finish, Kanye, but BEYONCE had the best pumpkin of all time! 

 Kayne West Pumpkin

7. “We know what you are, Edward.” “Say it. Out loud.” “A pumpkin.” 

Edward Cullen Pumpkin Carving

8. We really wanted to find a 5SOS pumpkin but this is all we could find. Still, simple, but effective. 

5sos pumpkin

9. Ohai, Katie Price 

Katie Price

10. We love this Jonas Brothers pumpkin. If only they were still together. Don’t touch us- we’re still not over their split. 

Jonas Brothers

And there you have it! Some pretty cool pumpkins, yeah? Hope you have a spooktastic Halloween and remember to tweet us your pumpkins to @Maximumpop. We can pretty much guarantee your pumpkin will be better than ours.

Halloween is cool

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